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Do You Suspect Your Home or Business Has Mold?

Exposure to mold and poor indoor air quality can cause adverse reactions and health concerns. Also, removing mold incorrectly can cause cross contamination to other parts of your property and make the issue worse. This is why it is important to work with an experienced professional for mold remediation.

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At Alpha Air Quality, we put families first. We perform comprehensive assessments & provide quality service to make your home safe.
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Mold Assessment

At your residential or commercial property, we use expertise and extensive experience to assess the presence of mold, extent of growth, identify the type of mold present and determine the underlying cause. The assessment will help us establish the proper plan of action needed to accurately improve your indoor air quality.

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Mold & Air Quality Testing

Testing may be necessary to gain more information regarding the extent of your property's issue. When testing is needed and to ensure utmost accuracy, we partner with a certified third-party lab that provides duel verified analysis to affirm comprehensive results. Our goal is to deliver accurate information & work with you to create a plan.

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Removal & Remediation

Proper techniques and protocols should always be followed when dealing with an indoor air quality concern.  Because of this, Alpha Air Quality follows strict industry standards to not just kill mold, but remove the source, spores and affected materials. This allows you and your family to be confident in the air you breathe.

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Functional Medicine

Years of experience & work within the functional medicine/holistic community allows us to understand what you are going through. We provide specialized services to those who are searching for answers.  Whether you're dealing with CIRS, Lyme's disease or other ailments, we will work with you and your doctor to improve how your indoor air is affecting your family.

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True Organic Solutions

We offer 100% organic botanical (not just botanically derived) solutions to treat mold and allergens in your home. Our cleansers are made from whole plant, naturally sourced essential oils and replaces toxic products typically used. This is a true green, highly-effective solution.

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Allergen Treatment

Indoor allergens can make you feel horrible and even cause ongoing issues like sinusitis, chronic fatigue syndrome and more! Our advanced HEPA protocols paired with industry leading equipment & standards hit the reset button on your indoor air quality, allowing you to breathe better air. 

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Commercial Disinfection

 We provide deep cleaning and disinfection services to businesses and schools to reduce viruses & microbial growth. Our experience, protocols and cutting edge solutions create a cleaner, healthier environment so your staff, students and businesses can thrive.

John Naumann Owner/Operator 

John is an ACAC Board Certified Indoor Environmentalist that has helped thousands of people dealing with mold and air quality issues in the Greater Pittsburgh & Tri-State area. At Alpha Air Quality, we ensure that families are receiving accurate information, factual testing & assessments, as well as proper mold removal and remediation.  John is a top mold expert in the area and serves the community with excellence and experience!

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Expertise ~ Excellence ~ Experience

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