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The Importance of Taking Control of Contractors In Your Real Estate Listings

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In today's world, professionals are taking control of every aspect of their lives to enhance productivity and well-being. As a Certified Indoor Environmentalist, I understand the significance of this approach. Real estate agents, however, often overlook the importance of taking control of their listings. By directing clients to search for contractors to complete required or optional work, agents risk losing control of vital timing, tone of the sale and potentially compromising the success of the transaction. It is hugely important that you personally know that ALL contractors involved in the sale can meet the expectations of both parties, possess effective communication skills, and operate without scare tactics that can destroy a sale. Failure to address these concerns can result in delays, changes in closing dates, or even the withdrawal of the property from the market. As a Certified Indoor Environmentalist with experience in hundreds of real estate transactions, I can guide you through the process of taking control of who you have in your listings.


Follow these 4 steps to take control of your listings:

  1. Develop a Trusted List of Professionals: Create a comprehensive list of professionals you trust and have personally vetted. Consider various categories such as electricians, plumbers, handy men, home inspectors, and mold remediators. Ensure that each professional has the necessary qualifications, certifications, and expertise not only in their respective fields, but also illustrate knowledge and experience in dealing with real estate transactions.

  2. Set Expectations with Service Professionals: Arrange meetings with the service professionals on your list. Clearly communicate your expectations (timelines and payment schedules) for all your clients and discuss their limitations and specialties. This step is crucial in ensuring that everyone involved in the transaction is on the same page and understands their roles and responsibilities.

  3. Be Present During Evaluations: Whenever possible, be present at the property when the professional comes to evaluate the issue. This allows you to directly communicate with the professional, ask questions, and ensure that the evaluation aligns with your expectations. In cases where you cannot be present, make sure to speak with the professional beforehand to provide necessary information and clarify any concerns.

  4. Never Allow Clients to Handle These Steps on Their Own: It is essential that you never allow your clients to handle the selection and coordination of contractors independently. By taking control of these steps, you can mitigate risks and ensure that the professionals hired are reliable and capable of delivering results within the expected timeframe.

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As a real estate agent, taking control of your listings is crucial for a successful transaction. With multiple offer scenarios, limited inventory and no contingency offers, it is more important than ever to take control of your listings!

Picture of John Naumann, Certified Indoor Environmentalist and Owner of Alpha Air Qulaity

John is an ACAC Board Certified Indoor Environmentalist that has helped thousands of people dealing with mold and air quality issues in the Greater Pittsburgh & Tri-State area. At Alpha Air Quality, we ensure that families are receiving accurate information, factual testing & assessments, as well as proper mold removal and remediation. John is a top mold expert in the area and serves the community with excellence and experience!

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